D for Determined, Deliberate and Disruption

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

We spoke about being brave the other day and, closely related to bravery, is being determined. Brave is about the decision-making process and the preparedness to make a start on doing something truly innovative. Determined is more about an ability to maintain an energy and a focus that enables an organisation to stay on task, to finish the work and deliver the outcome. Bravery without determination makes decisions but does not deliver outcomes. Determination without bravery is often unnecessary.

I wrote an article some weeks ago that suggested that transformation is never an accident. Change sometimes happens accidentally but transformation is deliberate. It takes planning. It takes execution. It takes dedication and determination.

Don’t let change happen by accident. Instead, if you want to be successful, set a deliberate course for transformation.

Finally, in our D category is a word that has become trendy and overused in recent years – disruption. Like so many business buzzwords, someone started talking about disruption and seemingly overnight, every single change program was creating disruption.

And then along came COVID-19 – unavoidable and total disruption. Serious disruption. Now that we have seen disruption on this scale, are you prepared for further disruption within your organisation?

You see, transformation requires serious disruption. Change doesn’t. To truly transform your business, you not only have to expect disruption, you need to embrace it.

Without disruption – real disruption – you’ll be back doing what you were doing before, maybe with a new coat of paint on the wall. Transformation – and to an even higher degree, Transformagination – means the wall comes down and life is never the same again.

Never confuse disruption with simple inconvenience.

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