G for Growth and Greatness

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Did you notice that the first thing that businesses did when the COVID crisis hit was to implement their Business Continuity Plan? Not their Business Growth Plan or their Business Flourish Plan.

Now, I agree that action was totally appropriate under the circumstances but here we are, four or five months later, and many businesses are still operating under Business Continuity, waiting to see what happens before taking many, if any, positive steps to move their business forward.

Well, there’s no time like the present to take the first steps towards growth. That doesn’t mean flicking a switch and starting life in the new normal today. But it does mean that it is time to move from a survival mindset to a growth mindset.

And what about greatness? So many organisations that I have dealt with over the years appear to be in some kind of cruise mode. Not pushing ahead of the pack, not lagging behind – just maintaining their position in the peloton.

As I have said in other episodes, we find ourselves in circumstances unlike any we’ve seen before. For many, if not all, businesses, we have seen a complete reset. To maintain the cycling analogy, all previous stages of the race have been ignored and we are all at the starting line together again.

You have a choice to make right now – do you strive for greatness or go back to being part of the pack? It really is your choice but don’t take too long to decide.

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