J for Jump

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

There is a well-worn statement that suggests that you should always look to step outside of your comfort zone. I disagree. Stepping outside of your comfort zone only requires a slight adjustment to find yourself back inside it.

We would encourage you to take this opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone. Take a flying leap. If you jump out of your comfort zone, it is almost certainly non-reversible. It is like leaping from the 10m diving board or skydiving … the jump takes serious commitment but once you’ve done it, there’s no turning back.

I spoke with someone recently who suggested that the best approach when confronted with a challenge is to “bite off more than you can chew and then chew like crazy”. How much are you biting off? Real transformation – dare I say, Transformagination – requires so much more than nibbling around the edges.

Jumping out of your comfort zone takes a fair bit of courage but if you are not prepared to do that now, when is there going to be a better time?

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