Q for Question

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

As we move forward with a Transformaginative mindset, there is a question that needs to be superseded. That question is … Why?

“Why” can be used as an investigative tool but more often than not, it becomes a roadblock. When an innovative idea is tabled, if enough people ask “Why”, it will eventually create sufficient doubt in the minds of risk-averse leaders to block the idea from proceeding.

But to borrow from President John F Kennedy, rather than asking “Why”, it might be time to respond to innovative ideas with “Why Not”. Rather than trying to dredge up reasons for something radical and creative to not proceed, a Transformaginative mindset will move to a default position of “Let’s give this a go. Why not?”

That’s an environment where Transformagination has a real opportunity to flourish.

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