The Window Conundrum

Neil ButlerUntypical Thoughts

Consider a log cabin with three solid walls and a fourth wall with a single window. That window is perfectly square – from top to bottom, the window measures exactly 1 metre. From left to right, the window measures exactly 1 metre.

Can you picture it?

So now I get my power saw and make the window exactly twice as big as it was before. I now have three solid walls and a fourth wall, still with a single window but now that window is twice the size it was before. And it is still square AND it is still 1 metre top to bottom and 1 metre left to right.

That simply can’t be possible … can it?

Well, conventional thinking says its impossible. But, as you know, we think that conventional thinking is SO overrated.

We’re not going to tell you how this is possible and, if you are reading this on social media and you’ve worked it out, we’d love it if you didn’t spill the beans either.

But we are happy to tell you offline, if you want to get in touch. Chat soon, then!

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